The Detrimental Effects of Smoking: Skincare Edition


Wherever you look, it seems like the term “clean beauty” is being slapped on every skincare product in an effort to increase sales and hype it up. Such practices have, unfortunately, misled the general population and people are still confused as to who is telling the truth about their products, and who is just greenwashing.

In today's blog, we will explain and define what clean beauty actually is. In doing so, you will acquire better knowledge, which will help you make better decisions regarding what to add to your cart and what to simply ignore!

Clean Beauty: The Plain and Simple Definition

Unfortunately, it is being misused by brands in an effort to drive more sales. Self-proclaimed clean beauty brands are not complying with its ethos. For them – it is just a trend and a way to earn some extra cash. For us and our consumers – it is a sustainable way of supporting the health of the skin that has come to stay!

“Clean Beauty” Explained and Defined-Yours Truly

Rosafa’s formulation director found definitions for terms these companies use in no time. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, we at Rosafa have decided to set the record straight, once and for all! Let’s see how the term ‘clean beauty’ is applied to our brand ethos:

Absence of detrimental or unpleasant substances

    • This means absolutely no sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals (mineral oil, propylene glycol, etc.), EDTA, ethoxylated ingredients (PEG, ceteareth, etc.), isothiazolinone, diazolidinyl urea, silicones, among many other obnoxious ingredients, are present in the formulas. 
    • Packaging and marketing materials are produced using eco-friendly supplies ONLY.    

    Unadulterated, pure of any toxic ingredients  and substances

    • Whenever possible, ingredients are naturally sourced.
    • Whenever possible, ingredients come from organic farming or are wild harvested. 
    • Whenever possible, formulas and raw materials are certified by a third party such as BDIH, COSMOS, ECOCERT, Natrue, etc.
    • Synthetic ingredients are kept to a minimum. Only those which have shown not cause any negative health or environmental impact can be used.

    Characterized by transparency and precision

    • Products are results-oriented and minimalistic
    • Every single ingredient used in the formula, even the solvents, is fully disclosed
    • Customers are educated so that they can make informed choices when purchasing skincare and personal care products
    • State-of-the-art technology is used to maximize the results of bioactive ingredients as long as it is respectful towards the environment

    Honest and fair, ethical actions and practices

    • No animal testing is involved
    • Choice of ingredients is based on performance and not on marketing reasons
    • Ingredients are not derived from endangered species. Actives come from renewable sources, preferably from fair-trade communities
    • Social responsibility is championed: employees are duly compensated, growth opportunities are available (regardless of nationality, race, etc.) and a harmonious working environment is fostered
    • Financial support is provided to programs and campaigns that improve people´s lives as well as the preservation of the environment

    There you have it!  We believe that creating a clean beauty brand entails a rather complex process that requires careful planning and supervision every step of the way.  Clean beauty is not about promising magical results, but restoring the skin’s balance while caring for the planet.  Always remember that actions speak louder than words…

    “Clean beauty benefits everyone:  empowers you as a customer, helps you reduce your carbon footprint, and makes this world a better place to live.”

    And this is what Rosafa is fully committed to, staying squeaky clean from the farm to the shelf. Tell us… are you ready to clean up your act? 

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