2021 Skincare Trends: Full Recap & Run-Through



The year 2020 has been a year of turbulent times, but the beauty industry proved its resilience despite everything happening around the world. Having said that, COVID-19 is the big bad monster that will surely define consumption for, at least, the next 5 years.

2020 pumped fuel into beauty trends that were considered indie: such as minimalist, natural, and conscious skincare. Overnight, we “unplugged” from our fast-paced, hectic lives and reconnected back with our homes, families, neighbors and nature. As we are slowly reconnecting to work, digital and commercial worlds – we do it with intentions, awareness, and a little bit of apprehension.

The year 2021 focuses on skincare since we have all been suffering from maskne for months (read our previous blog post “MASKNE & MASKTITIS: THE BEGINNER’S GUIDE if you have no idea what maskne is) and we all took a laissez-faire approach to our skin since, after all, we were all stuck at home and had no idea when it was going to end (and still don’t). This type of skincare-related minimalism is all about simplifying your routine, embracing your skin’s natural texture, and finding quality products for a healthy glow.

In an effort to save you time and effort researching the latest skincare trends, we have rounded up a few trends you want to watch out for in 2021…

Cleanical Skincare: Clean and Traditional Rituals

The case against clean skincare – that was only about eye-catching labels and herbs, and never about science – has never been bigger, after strong disinfectants have swiftly usurped ‘all-natural’ formulas – the rapidly growing category of CLEANICALS, is proving it. At ROSAFA Skincare, we are proud to be part of this trend, which is inspired by clean and traditional rituals that are backed by science. Our clinical results prove that we don’t just talk the talk; we walk the talk as well. We are delighted to say that more and more cosmetic brands are doing the same as well.

We’ve shrugged off our fear of synthetics and now we’re content to fuse plant-sourced extracts with lab-derived actives to stimulate the skin and provide a 360˚ solution to common concerns – from acne to wrinkles.

Team this with the “formulated without” philosophy, add anti-contamination innovations, and you’ll get clinically-led, consciously formulated and lab-approved skincare for a new era of “clean beauty”.

Uplifting our Moods: What is Your Moodivator?

As we were forced to slow down and take time for our rituals, many of us turned to beauty as a way of investing in ourselves. From products that boost our mood and wellbeing to gorgeous textures and scents that lift us up, self-care started to feel like meditation.  We opted to adopt beauty tools to upgrade our beauty routines and bring calm amidst the chaos. Today´s brands are also embracing the concept of ‘moodivators’, which blend ancient wisdoms such as Chinese medicine and ancestral techniques, with a modern sensibility.

Traditional Beauty and Its Everlasting Wisdoms

As we reconnected with ourselves, we have been drawn more and more to ancient rituals. This explains why brands that have a meaningful relationship with specific countries and cultures are gaining more attention. It’s all about celebrating the beauty traditions beyond the familiar, largely unexplored heritages in an honest, transparent, and ethical way.

Skinimalism, Life-changing Approach To Beauty Standards

Skinimalism is building off the slow beauty movement we’ve seen happening since the start of the pandemic. Instead of aiming for a flawless look, more and more people feel comfortable enough in their own skin and prefer to go for a more natural version of themselves.

This naturally glowing appearance can be achieved by throwing out the heavy foundations and harsh skin treatments that only attempt to conceal what lies underneath, like freckles and blemishes.

Instead, this trend encourages everyone to opt for a minimalistic approach to skincare. When it comes to anything beauty-related that could be applied to the face, less is always more.

We would like to know how quarantine altered your perception of beauty and what measures you have taken to keep your skin up to par.  Let us know in the comments section on our Instagram @rosafa.skincare!

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